Scholarships Timeline

Scholarships Timeline

Stage 1 - Engagement

Assign Talent Management team consultant.

Stage 2 - Kick Off

Catch-up call Outline scholarship journey. Send out Client Pack. Source and secure client footage. Create online profile.

Stage 3 - Profile Update

Eligibility flags. SAT scores. Educational certification. Sporting type and level. Study choice. Athletic v academic balance. Financial needs.

Stage 4 - Targeting

Email qualifying colleges and universities. Final check ran by clearing consultant prior to creation of recommended short-list for client.

Stage 5 - Review

Feedback from colleges and universities and advice on best fit academically, athletically, socially and financially.

Stage 6 - Acceptance

Offer accepted. Client informed of next steps. Client receives from school. Consultant runs through application and eligibility process.

Stage 7 - Admission

Client admitted on formal offer. Documentation sent from school. Visa booking steps. Interview training.

Stage 8 - Assist

Visa. Flights. Insurance. Currency. What to expect.

Stage 9 - Depart

August pre-flight check list. Good luck call by consultant. Q&A.

Stage 10 - Support

Provide telephone helpline and email support to client and family during course. Pastoral advice after course has finished.